The work of the ghostwriter is in inverse relation to that stern Edwardian view of children. Unlike children, ghostwriters are heard but not seen.

I delivered my first ghostwriting project many years ago, working with the late hypnotist and therapist Joe Keeton to produce The Power of the Mind, which you can read more about here.

But normally, as a ghostwriter, you stay in the background, your task to provide the words for the client who has a story to tell. That’s why it is often difficult to give samples of commercial ghostwriting work, as clients tend to prefer to maintain a discrete stance on the actual process of the text concerned.

Over a long period, I have delivered a wide range of commercial ghostwriter projects, ranging from business non-fiction, memoirs, politics and fiction. I have helped some high-profile clients in the fields of popular music and business to tell the stories of how they came to be successful. I have written densely researched geopolitical analyses of countries such as China and Nigeria. I have written cultural material and stockmarket business studies.

The process of working as a ghostwriter with a client is hugely rewarding. The task is to establish an authentic and trusting relationship and then work to enable the client to explore the depth of the story he or she wishes to tell. Often, this process will take months as the continued one-to-one research develops into initial draft texts which are always subject to the editorial autonomy of the client.

Having spent many years working inside the international publishing industry, I am able to help my clients to establish relationships with agents and publishers to ensure that the work we produce together goes on to have a commercially published outcome.

Do please contact me if you would like to discuss a ghostwriting project.

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