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English Arcadia Peter Pan Simon Petherick

My new novel, The Damnation of Peter Pan, is published on 5th April 2019 by The Word Machine. You can read more information on it here.

My second novel, English Arcadia, was published in 2018. It’s inspired by the true story of Sir Richard Acland, the founder of the Common Wealth Party, an ultra-left party of the 1940s which won successive byelections during the war on a platform of common ownership of the land and the means of production. I met Acland over 30 years ago, just a few years before he died, and he was a kind, intelligent, charismatic and unique English aristocrat who fervently believed that the world could be changed to be a better place. His party was demolished in the Labour landslide of 1945 and he went on to found War on Want with Harold Wilson, then ultimately edged to the sidelines of a politics which increasingly filled him with despair. But right to the end, he remained an optimistic and very wonderful man. English Arcadia is an entirely fictional story of three generations of an English political family, but it is motivated by his story. You can download the Information Sheet for the novel here or buy it from Amazon here. There’s more info about the novel on the Books page here.

I keep this site reasonably up to date with information both about my books and about the work I do for clients. I’m always very happy to discuss potential projects. There’s some brief biography material on the About page here but I can always send more detailed info if required.

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