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Welcome to the website of Simon Petherick. I am a writer of fiction and a ghostwriter of non-fiction and fiction titles. My new novel, Like Fire Unbound, is set in London during the heatwave of 2018, before we had all heard of Covid-19. It was published by TSB/Can Of Worms Press in March 2021. To find out more and links to retailers, please click here.

The novel has had some early reviews:

“Petherick’s London is fascinating and engaging. His writing borders on the breath-taking. As a professional Londoner I recognise the geography as much as I recognise the abuses this town hands out to some of us. Petherick does a brilliant job of allowing us to suspend our moralising. In fact, he insists on it.” 
Lord Bird, Founder of The Big Issue

“A slow burn in its purest form – Petherick’s fiery prose evokes a city smouldering with impassioned tensions that build towards an incendiary denouement.” Jake Arnott, Author of The Long Firm

“Without a doubt, the best thing I’ve read so far this year. I actually cried! This book surprised and rattled me, made me laugh, and is written with such elegance. The characters are the people I see in London, going about their lives, brought into vivid colour.” Shannon Clinton-Copeland, Goodreads 

You can read more about the novel here.

I have written and published several other novels. Please click here for further information.

I have ghostwritten many non-fiction and fiction titles for clients and publishers, ranging from biography to business, fiction to political analysis. Please click here for further information.

I have written several film screenplays and I write occasional journalism for magazines such as the Idler and the Oldie.

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Simon Petherick Like Fire Unbound