My first paid job was writing house descriptions for the local newspaper for my Dad’s estate agent business. He used to give me Luncheon Vouchers in return for copy, and once I’d moved to London, I’d spend them on chicken pies. I got a job working at Robert Hale publishers and ended up writing blurbs for Westerns: peace wouldn’t reign in Black Rook Valley until six gun shots rang in the air. I was then more formally trained as a writer at the Central Office of Information, where I used to write government propaganda. The place was full of ex film makers and ex ad people, mostly drowning their sorrows in the pub over the road. It was a fascinating but ultimately rather weird place, in retrospect, although I sailed through it for seven years. Since then, I’ve been creating stories.

I’ve just finished the first draft of a film script set in Cuba in 1958 on commission from a UK film production company. There are several novels coming out during 2018. I can work with you on projects involving copy drafting and research, marketing and presentations, communications and social media strategy. Do feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.